Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems ® is a no rinse, patent pending cleaner and preventative that is safe and effective for removing stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, moss, lichen stains from exterior surfaces without the use of hazardous chemicals or the damaging effects of pressure cleaning and or brushing.



Designed to work with Mother Nature.


No Harsh Chemicals compromise the integrity of the surface.


Simply apply and let our proprietary ingredients clean the surface.

No Rinsing

Reduces water use and eliminates the need to pressure clean.

Welcome to the world of Citra-Shield™, a revolutionary Green Cleaning System! 

Over the past 18 years we have developed this incredible environmentally safe cleaning product that will not harm our planet or your pocket. This new technology allows us to clean exterior stains caused by Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Algae without damaging roofs, sidewalks, stone sculptures, siding, wood, awnings or plants! The new Citra-Shield™ Green Cleaning system has allowed us to save Homeowners, Property Managers, Associations, and many others thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs. Our technology does away with the old technique of pressure washing and scrubbing. Although those techniques are still effective, the long term effect of that process is taxing on all surfaces. Citra-Shield™ is the new gentle cleaning system to keep all of your exterior surfaces looking brand new.


Stop the spread of COVID-19 with One Step Disinfectant Cleaner. We are the exclusive distributor of this non corrosive disinfectant and have it available. Simply apply to the affected surface and let dry. This is a cost effective way to disinfect all surfaces. Unlike harsh bleach based chemicals, our disinfectant is non-corrosive and requires no wiping. Once diluted One Step Disinfectant is less than $.80 per gallon. Contact us today to order concentrated products .

who uses citrashield?


Ideal exterior cleaning system for Colleges, Universities and School Systems


Hospitals and Medical Office Buildings around the country use Citra-Shield

Theme Parks

Major theme parks such as Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens are using Citra-Shield

HOA Communities

Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems service large communities, clubs and facilities

Stadiums & Centers

Convention Centers and Stadiums choose Citra-Shield to clean their exterior surfaces

DIY Homeowners

Citra-Shield ready to use products are designed for easy use by the DIY homeowner

What Clients Say?

Citra-Shield is the only Roof Cleaning Product endorsed by Seaman’s FiberTite®! “The proper use of Clean Up Group Inc. Citra-Shield® Roof Cleaning Systems will not void Seaman’s FiberTite® manufacturer’s warranty.”
It is without hesitation I write this letter on behalf of Joe Macomber and The Clean-Up Group. After several failed attempts with other contractors to clean the roofs and domes of our high school. Mr. Macomber came and assured me his company could clean these places. The Clean Up Group exceeded all expectations we had of possibly getting these roofs and domes cleaned. The employees were courteous, professional and very efficient. Our School District now has a white dome and roof that we can be proud of. The Clean Up Group is a high quality company that produces high quality results.

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